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Stone tables

This service offers you a complete custom design and build to suit your garden. These tables will set your garden apart from any other with in a class of its own.

The process starts with you deciding on a unique style of your own for your table from which a plan will be drawn up for your approval - the one pictured is based on a sail shape. A wrought iron framework is then made up to your specifications, giving style and strength to the table structure.

But that is only the start - for the table surface you can choose from an endless range of brick colours and textures - Indian sandstone slabs were used to cover the pictured table for a rustic effect, but equally polished granite or tiles such as mosaic tiles can give a great finish depending on your needs - it's your table, so you choose!

You can also add further to this, for example lights can be included in the structure and other customisations can be included as you wish.

Of course, not only the table finish is to your exact specification, but also the table size. The design pictured comfortably sits 15 people with out looking over imposing.

From customer feedback, the first thing people will comment on when entering the garden will be to do with your amazing table. Enjoy your garden with these unique tables!

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