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Burgate Gardens: We specialise in attractive drives and off-road parking which compliment your house and surroundings. Request a commercial or domestic plumming quote

Garden maintenance

We all have hectic lives these days and when you get some time to relax what better way is there than doing so in your fabulous garden with a drink and a B.B.Q. But what once may have been an immaculate garden can all too soon become overgrown and out of control.

So let Burgate Gardens Landscaping be the busy bee in your garden and sort out the tangled mess of a rose bed, or reclaim and revitalise your lawn. If a low maintenance garden is what you need, or one that will stand the demands of pets and children, then Burgate Gardens Landscaping also has plenty of ideas to help with a solution.

Call now for all aspects of soft landscaping and garden maintenance.

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Our landscaping expertise

Works undertaken for existing and new build properties also commercial buildings such as schools, clubs and medical buildings.

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