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Flint walling

Flint, which is crystalline silica, has been used for walls for many centuries and gives a lively appearance unlike any other material with colours ranging from black and grey to brown and white.

What now gives a look of historic prestige in West Sussex and many southern counties was in origin the only real option for building until the last century and was used for vernacular small buildings. Flint walling comes in many styles, using a variety of techniques, and it is important when building a new structure, or repairing an existing one, to harmonise with the area around you.

Martin Edmead, the founder of Burgate Gardens Landscaping, says "flint walling has become a passion of mine and I believe in using traditional techniques and the old fashioned ways of hand picking and knapping flints along with using a lime mortar to create walls that appear to have age and character."

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